21 November 2017

Karolin Schnoor Illustrations

Some beautiful illustrations by the artist Karolin Schnoor, enjoy! ;)

Dead Storage by Mary Feliz - Blog Tour + Giveaway

Dead Storage by Mary Feliz
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

When Maggie tries to help her friend Stephen that is retained in prison for murder, she never thought everything would turn so complicated!

'"I'm no veterinarian, but something is very wrong with that leg, Munchkin. You poor thing." His fur was dirty and matted with mud, leaves, and an alarming mount of blood. Close up, I could see a deep laceration on his bad leg. Several clumps of hair seeped with the bright crimson of an actively bleeding wound. A dotted line of blood marked the sidewalk behind him.'

Maggie is a very loyal friend and ready to help her loved ones no matter what trouble they are in.
This has been a very interesting book, with mafia, secrets and dogs involved; full of twists that kept me guessing till the last page.
I liked how the characters were explained and how their friendship is spread between the pages of the book. It's clear than Maggie and the author of the book (Mary Feliz) love dogs, so be prepared to a lot of sweet moments between her and her dog!

It was quite original the good advice that is shared in each chapter of how to keep your home tidier, an advice to make your life easier is always welcome, don't you think?
This is the third book of the "A Maggie McDonald Mystery Series", but you can read it as standalone.

Ready for a walk with a dog?

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19 November 2017

Aves by Alexis Marcou

Some beautiful birds illustrations by the artist Alexis Marcou, enjoy!

Black Arts, Tarts & Gypsy Cats by Erin Johnson - Blog Tour + Giveaway

Black Arts, Tarts & Gypsy Cats by Erin Johnson 
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Imogen has started working at the royal bakery with her friend Maple and her fire Iggy, but it will not take long before they will be involved again in a threatening mystery. Of course, one of her friends will be the first suspect and Imogen will have to run to discover the truth before it's too late.

'"We keep the murderers in the murderers' wing," my guard grunted.
I nodded, trying to hide my dislike of the place. "Right. Makes sense. Got to stay organized. Wouldn't want to put them in the cat stranglers' ward or the baby punters' dungeon."
The jailor glared at me with his one good eye. Tough crowd.'

This book has brought our loved characters from the first book series to an interesting new adventure; Maple, Sam, Iggy, Hank... and with more humour, magic and delightful pastries we will be transported to a world where everything is possible, even murder.
I have to say I enjoyed more this book than the previous one, the book is more centred in the investigation (that it's a quite original case) and we already know the characters, so the relation between them grows and gets more complex, of course. Let me say that spending a day with Imogen will never be boring, but be prepared to see murder always!
I am still not sure what the Badlands Army wants or what they really do, apart from killing and abducting people, of course. And I can't wait to know what they really moves them.
Of course we can not forget Hank, the engaged future king that makes Imogen feel butterflies every time she sees him... will they start a fire with the sparks between them?
Be prepared to talk to ghosts, zombies and mouthwatering cakes, ready?

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18 November 2017

Colour Personalities by The Colour Option

How many times someone asked which is your favourite colour? Thanks to the infographic created by The Colour Option you will know exactly what the colour means. Mine is Turquoise, and yours?

Tassel Earrings by Baublebar

I always had a big problem with large earrings, I couldn't stay without trying to buy them, so when today I saw these large and original Tassel Earrings by Baublebar I fall in love immediately, don't you? The thing I liked most is that they are mixable, you can choose the size and you can mix colour, there are more than 100 combinations possible! Let me say, this is my dream come true!

They are available for pre-order (I still haven't checked if they sell it to Europe, but fingers crossed because I want them so badly...!) and possibly you will not be able to wear them for the Christmas dinner or New Year party, but I am sure you will have all the year to choose which is the best moment to show them in public! ;)

So, which is your favourite combination? 

17 November 2017

Sketchbook Silliness

After spending the day with the flu and trying to keep my little one quiet and peacefully silenced (of course, I didn't succeed) I thought a little bit of humour will put a smile on everyone's face and make this Friday a little bit better. Enjoy the funny comics by Sketchbook Silliness! ;)

Lay Me To Rest by E.A. Clark - Blog Tour

Today I am delighted to share with you the the new book by E.A. Clark, Lay Me To Rest, a dark and ghostly thriller that will leave no one untouched.

Lay Me To Rest by E.A. Clark
Genre: Paranormal

Some secrets never stay buried for long…
Devastated by the death of her husband, Annie Philips is shocked to discover she is pregnant with his unborn child. Hoping for a fresh start, she travels to a remote stone cottage in Anglesey, amidst the white-capped mountains of North Wales.
She settles in quickly, helped by her mysterious new neighbour, Peter. But everything changes when Annie discovers a small wooden box, inlaid with brass and mother-of- pearl. A box she was never supposed to find…
Annie soon realises that she isn’t alone in the cottage. And now she’s trapped. Can she escape the nightmare that she has awoken, or will the dark forces surrounding the house claim her life – and that of her baby?
A gripping thriller from E. A. Clark, perfect for fans of Kerri Wilkinson, Sarah Wray and Stella Duffy. You won’t be able to put it down!

This is a tense thriller, in which our main character Annie Philips needs to take care of her pregnancy and accept the death of her husband, too much for anyone, let me say. So she decided to take a few weeks to relax in a little village... Of course that's where all her problems start, when a dark presence will start hunting her dreams.
This has been a very interesting read, with paranormal scenes and some twisted surprises. I read it with one stand, I have to admit I was quite absorbed with the plot and I hope we will see more of our character, she has some hidden surprises!
Ready for a trip to the past?

15 November 2017

Christmas At The Candied Apple Café by Katherine Garbera - Blog Blitz + Giveaway!

I love Christmas time, specially when you can find delicious and sweet books like Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe by Katherine Garbera, really, I can't wait to read it, take a look at this excerpt and you will understand why...

There’s nothing so magical as Christmas in New York…
Santa is coming to New York!
Snow is falling, excitement is high and the delicious scent of chocolate drifts along Fifth Avenue – the Candied Apple Café is ready for Christmas! And no one is busier than publicist Iona Summerlin. With so much to do, she doesn’t have time to think about men, dating, or the fact her last boyfriend ditched her for her brother… Relationships are off the menu!
Hotel boss Mads Eriksson is not looking forward to the first Christmas since losing his wife.
His six-year- old daughter Sofia has lost her belief in Christmas magic along with her mother, and he has no idea what to do. But an unusually festive business meeting at the Candied Apple – and meeting the beautiful Iona – starts to defrost Mads’ frozen heart, and suddenly life seems full of light and sparkle again.
If only they dare to believe, maybe all their Christmas dreams will come true!

Sounds Christmassy, romantic and perfect to start feeling Christmas, don't you think?
You can buy already buy it on Amazon, so run! ;)
And you could try the Giveaway to win Katherine Garbera previous book, Summer in Manhattan!

Aniball by Aditya Aryanto

The artist Aditya Aryanto has decided to try to shape the animals in balls the result is hilarious! ;)


The source is My Modern Met.