22 January 2018

50 Amazing Animal Facts

Some curious animal information that will blow your mind!

50 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind #Infographic

Savi Style, The Hair Tie Bracelet

Today I want to share with you a product that has changed my life. I am one of those women that always has a pony tail or a bun, having my hair straight is noisy and take too much time for my taste. So when I found the Savi Sleek, a bracelet that can hold the hair tie without making any marks and being like a bracelet, I thought I should have one, simply to try. I was one of their backers in the Kickstarter campaign and this Christmas I received the product, two bracelets; one black and one violet, so I just had to try and decide if they are really worth the money!

Let me say that my experience has been great, I bought the black one to wear everyday and the violet for summer, but it seems that my favourite one now is the violet and the black is the replacement in case I loose the other!

I bought the small size, you can find on their site the size of the bracelets to know exactly which size fits better, but of course the problem of buying online is that you never know... this time the size fits perfectly, not tight and difficult to leave out through my wrist.
The other thing I wasn't quite sure was if the bracelet with the hair tie on it would be too tight, because you know that all the new rubbers leave mark, so I didn't know for sure if the Savi Sleek would be annoying. I slept with it for the last two weeks, and no problem at all!
There was another thing bothering me, would all the rubbers bands fit? Because the bracelet came with one, but what about the others? I can say that I only tried to other brands, but they fit in perfectly.
Yes, sometimes the rubber band fell of the bracelet, but I think just two times within these two weeks, so I am quite happy.

If you are looking for something stylish and useful to wear your loved hair tie, don't doubt to take a look at the Savi Style colours, there are a lot to choose and the price is good, you don't need anything else! ;)

21 January 2018

Black for TIME'S UP

Do you know the charity Time's Up
Time's Up is a movement demanding an end to sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the work place.
Time's Up in partnership with Condé Nast they started an initiative that will raise money for the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund through the auctioning off of the black dresses and tuxedos worn by the nominees, presenters and attendees of the 75th Golden Globes earlier this month in eBay.
Some of them start at 25$ but I am sure they will rise up quickly, but you can always dream, can't you?

Pre-Meditated Murder by Tracy Weber - Great Escapes Blog Tour + Giveaway

Pre-Meditated Murder by Tracy Weber
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Kate thinks that she will have the best night ever when her boyfriend, Michael, will ask her to marry him. But everything goes south when he admits that he is already married! When the mysterious wife appears dead, everything points at Michael... Kate will have to help him, because they have a big rough before anyone tries to separate them.

'"I know you're upset, but take a chill pill. Meditate on world peace or something. At the very least, keep your voice down." She pointed at the double-wide stroller she pushed in front of her. "This is the twins' naptime. If they don't get their beauty sleep, they'll fuss all night. Again. I swear, if they don't get on a sleep schedule soon, I'll leave them at Pete's Pets and let you raise them."'

This had been a relaxing book, it had some mystery and some yoga techniques to teach us how to relax and focus, let me say that it was quite original.
I liked that the main character love dogs, we could feel the love she had for Bella and it's really sweet to read a book that treats dogs like persons (as all the owners should do!)
I will not enter between Kate and Michael's conflict, he has his motives to hide the marriage (of course he should have told her before...!) and Kate has big reasons to be angry (who wouldn't?). So they will have to listen to each other and decide if their love is strong enough to be over it.
I loved Rene, Kate best friend, she is brave, funny and I would love to read more about her!
The case is solved at the end of the book, but the doubt is just between two characters... will you discover the truth before Kate?
This is the fifth book of the Downward Dog Mysteries, but you can read it standalone.
Take a deep breath in, a deep breath out and start reading!

Interested? Good luck with the Giveaway?

18 January 2018

Roladin Advertising

Sufganiyot by Roladin is a Jewish doughnut and it's a traditional food/dessert eaten at Chanukah the "Jewish Christmas."

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Tel Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Art Director: Ben Keil
Copywriter: Dotan Felzen
Group Account Director: Idit Zemmer
Account Director: Matt Lee
Photographer: Davidovitz Miri
Photographer Producer: Mandy Morris
The source is Ads Of The World.

The Omoshiro Block by Triad

I am sad to say that I didn't see any of the beautiful blocks from Triad when I was in Japan, because after looking at their special creations I want one of them right now!
Take a look...

The source is Bored Panda.

17 January 2018

Her Last Lie By Amanda Brittany - Blog Tour

Her Last Lie By Amanda Brittany
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 4/5

Isla has a tragic past that has marked her last 6 years; when she is starting to feel free again her worst nightmares start again. Is she imagining things or someone is following her?

"Would it be OK to talk to Trevor about the appeal? Tell him about Darleen Jeffery? Ask him what kind of woman fights their brother's innocence, when it's so obvious he's a monster? There was a huge part of Isla that desperately needed to talk. Say the words she couldn't say to Jack or her family for fear they would think she was taking a step back. Vocalise the fears that hovered under the surface."

This is the story of Isla, and how page by page we start understanding her fears and her worst nightmares, specially Carl Jeffery’s; he is trying to appeal, meaning that he could go free... We don’t know their past together just that she is scared to death...
Isla seems a very brave woman but with a dark past, let me say she is recovering quite well, but when she starts seeing shadows and receiving weird messages her fear to the world starts again... will she confront her fears or try an extreme solution? We know since the first page that something is weird with her ex-boyfriend, but her boyfriend acts weird too and the possibility that Carl is free again doesn't help... we just have to add discovering an old lie which will make us, the readers, completely lost on who is really the "shadow" till the end, making the readers to being in tension almost all of the book.
The story is interesting and well written but I don't recommend you to read it at night, you will have nightmares and fear to darkness for a long time... can you listen the taps on the window?
This book touches again if it's really safe to share all of our live on the social media and if we should accept every friend request... I normally don't share personal photos on my personal media and my profile is closed, so I try to be careful. But after reading "Her Last Lie" I will try to be even more careful, really there are a lot of crazy people in this world!
What do you share on your social media?

Aphrodite's Tears by Hannah Fielding - Blog Tour

Aphrodite's Tears by Hannah Fielding
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4'5/5
Amazon: out in paperback on 25th January

This is not a simple romance, is an epic love story that will melt your heart and nurture your mind with all the beautiful Gods stories!

"'I disagree, I believe things happen for a purpose. Sometimes they are there to test us, other times to give us a second chance. Fate has thrown us together in a particular way. Who are we to say there isn't some purpose behind it?'"

You know when you start a reading that you love since the first page but don't have time to read? This has happened to me, I started this book during the Christmas holidays and I read almost all of it between meals and family meetings, it was so addictive that I couldn't put it down, this is an spellbinding story, in a paradisiac island between Gods and with a classic love story.
This is the story of Oriel Anderson and Damian Lekkas that while they are discovering an impressive archeological site in a Greek remote island they will fell in love, deeply, but it seems that not everyone is happy with their happiness, they will have a few enemies hiding in the dark ready to break them... (maybe kill too?)
This had been a pleasure reading; interesting, romantic and with some mystery, so I couldn't ask for more. But what I liked more of this book is that it was not only based on the love between our main characters, the secondary characters had an important part and of course all the Greek mythology and some easy words to start learning Greek make it more full and complete.
Please, take a day off work and start reading Aphrodite's Tears, you will not be able to put it down!
Ready to travel to Greece?

16 January 2018

Social Decay by Andrei Lacatusu

The artist Andrei Lacatusu tries to show us how the brands can degenerate when time passes...

Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan - Book Review

Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan
Genre: Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3'5/5

This is the story of Kate, Sophie and James... and how their lives collide in a rape trial that will leave all of them marked for life. Ready for a Scandal?

"The truth is a tricky issue. Rightly or wrongly, adversarial advocacy is not really an inquiry into the truth', Justin Carew, QC, told us callow twenty-somethings, fresh from Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Bristol. Advocacy is about being more persuasive than your opponent, he continued. You can win even if the evidence is stacked against you provided that you argue better. And it's all about winning, of course."

I will make some spoilers with my review, so be advised!
This has been a disturbing read, reading about a rape trial is not easy and the thought of the rapist going free simply for lying is shameful. 
Let me explain, the book is very well written, slow paced and with a few surprising twists. Told between the past and the presents of our main characters to put us on scene and that make us understand their story and their thoughts. What I didn't like is how in a moment where the women are trying to stop violence against women and sexual assaults, this book, with simply a lie in the court, the rapist could go free, without any doubt from the jury. Sorry, no rapist should go free, neither in fiction or in reality, a woman that has been assaulted had to suffer the rape and the sadness to repeat the experience in voice a lot of times, so no excuse, no rapist should go free!
What makes me more angry is that the "alleged" rapist, James, is in the politician career, has money and a lot of contacts, and of course he is handsome and perfect to charm everyone. So he knows that no matter what the woman says, he will go free.
Sophie, James wife, is more sad that his husband was cheating on her that the possible rape, and is ready to forgive him for the health of their children! Really? Would you like your kids to grow up with a rapist and a cheater? Sorry, not me.
And the last one, Kate, the glue of the story, the devil's lawyer, a cold woman that just lives to solve cases, is ready to put James in prison... but will she win?
Take a breath and start reading Anatomy Of A Scandal, the controversy is served.